Sourcing our products

We source our biosimilars and breakthrough medicines from leading manufacturers around the world and deliver them to Swiss healthcare professionals.

Medical support
Supporting healthcare professionals and their patients

We develop a close partnership with healthcare professionals, supporting them in their work by giving them the reliable service they need.

Social responsibility
Assuming social

We contribute to a more efficient health care system by improving services and reducing costs.

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Keeping pace with a fast-moving market

"Being experts in our field is not enough. We also need to stay agile and efficient, so that we can spot new therapeutic opportunities quickly and get them in the hands of healthcare professionals safely, reliably and at the right cost. "

- Laurent Massuyeau, iQone Chairman & CEO


Experienced professionals you can count on

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Our leadership team has decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Having been active in the field for so long, we know what hospitals and physicians are looking for and understand the imperatives of each of the therapeutic areas we address.

Because we recruit only the top experts in their fields, our employees are empowered to take action so as to better serve the healthcare professionals we work with and, ultimately, their patients.

Products and disease areas

Biosimilars and other therapeutic advances

We source from some of the world's leading drug manufacturers, bringing state-of-the-art therapeutics directly to the Swiss market.


We've been serving rheumatologists and gastro-enterologists in Switzerland for more than five years, keeping a constant eye out for the next generation of therapeutic options, whether from biosimilars or orphan drugs ‒ or other breakthrough medicines.


Our portfolio of products for oncology treatments is one of the strongest in Switzerland and will continue to grow.

Strong partnerships across the board

Our goal is to become one of Switzerland's leading providers of biosimilars and other therapeutic advances. But we can't do that alone. It starts with a superior portfolio of products, sourced from best-in-class partners like Celltrion Healthcare. Celltrion is a global pharmaceutical company committed to delivering advanced ‒ yet affordable ‒ therapeutics to patients and physicians. We are Celltrion's main distributor in Switzerland; other manufacturers turn to us too, and our pipeline is continually growing.

Our partnerships also include the associations and working groups we're active in, like, to promote the benefits of biosimilars. And we partner with the many hospitals and medical practices that have put their trust in the iQone name.

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What our employees say about us

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“What l like at iQone is that we are customer-centric and very open to creative approaches to addressing business needs. Unlike large companies in the sector, we focus on the bigger picture, and we are always open to medical advances and progress.”



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“I’m happy and proud to be part of a very solid and experienced sales force at iQone. Thanks to our pragmatism, entrepreneurial mindset and fast decision-making capabilities, we have all the tools we need to perform our jobs in the best possible environment.”



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“It is really empowering for all of us to be working on such a qualified and experienced team. We combine the agility, open-mindedness and daring of a small firm with the rigor and fundamental values of big pharma companies.”



Contact us

Whether you're a healthcare professional, researcher, manufacturer or investor, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Commercial Manager Immunology Switzerland +41 76 322 69 60

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Commercial Manager Immunology Switzerland +41 78 889 80 64

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Commercial Manager Oncology Switzerland +41 79 369 55 42

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Commercial Manager Oncology Switzerland +41 79 278 02 81