iQone Healthcare Group

since 1979

Founded in 1979, iQone Healthcare Group is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company operating in three therapeutic areas of expertise :

  • Oncology/Hematology  
  • Immunology (Rheumatology/Gastroenterology) 
  • Bones & Tissues

iQone Healthcare Group vision is to be the partner of choice  for American or Asian pharmaceutical customers wishing to establish themselves in Europe either via a commercialisation partner or via a set up of their own entity. iQone healthcare Group and its management hold a solid experience and track record in the set up of performing specialty commercial organisation in Europe.  iQone Healthcare Group  focuses mainly on the commercialisation of high value added hospital and specialty products.

iQone Healthcare Group operates across Europe and has direct field operations in France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain and Switzerland.




Today innovative treatments are being developed that bring hope to patients around the world by targeting
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Bones & Tissues

The mission of iQone Healthcare's Bones & Tissues franchise is to bring patients and surgeons innovative
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iQone Healthcare is committed to bring new prescription medicines including biosimilar products on the
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IQONE switzerland

Modulis Business Park
Route de Suisse 162
1290 Versoix
+ 41 22 510 29 30
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24 avenue Joannes Masset
69009 Lyon
+ 33 4 81 68 23 30
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Viale Abruzzi 94
20131 Milano
+ 39 342 85 86 742
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IQONE germany

Stefan-George-Ring 2
81929 München
+ 49 89 93086290
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